About Us

The following links are to web pages of people or businesses we have come to know through our photography.  Everyone listed here has helped and encouraged us to pursue our photography and this is our acknowledgement of their contribution:

Age fotostock - our stock agent in Europe and the US.

Andy Belcher - Andy is one of New Zealand's world class photographers and Angie, his wife, is an accomplished writer.  They have both supported and encouraged our own endeavours with photography.

Beqa Adventure Divers - where you can see a range of sharks during the shark feed or explore the wrecks and beautiful soft corals of Beqa Lagoon.

Bali Hai Diving Adventures - Michael Cortenbach organised our first trip to Bali, Lombok and the exciting diving at Nusa Penida.  The diving and sites were fantastic. Bali is such a wonderful place.

Black Sand Dive Retreat - Bruce and Fung Moore's wonderful new dive resort located right in the heart of Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.

Darryl Torckler - one of New Zealand's leading photographers who has kindly provided Diane and I with considerable advice and knowledge based on his wealth of experience.

Diving for Images - a dive guiding operation based in Bali, Indonesia.  It is owned and run by Graham Abbott, who we met on our wonderful trip aboard Kararu exploring Komodo National Park.  Graham has got to be the most enthusiastic and talented critter spotter we have met, and a genuinely nice guy as well!

Dive New Zealand - the dive magazine for New Zealand that is published every two months.

Dive! Tutukaka - winner of the 2005 "Tourism Mark of Quality" Award.  Dive! Tutukaka is New Zealand's largest dive charter operator.

Febrina - Our first PNG experience back in 2001 courtesy of a prize Diane won in UW Images 2000.  The boat and crew lived up to the reputation we had read about.

Fiordland Ecology Holidays - Lance and Ruth are two of the nicest people you could meet.  If you ever want to dive in Fiordland, (and if you are serious about diving then Fiordland is a must) these are the people to talk to.

Gregory Sweeney - we first got to know Gregory after he purchased a SubEye camera the same as we used.  Since then we have kept in regular touch and have enjoyed seeing the great images he and his wife Karen continually produce.

Hedgehog House - our New Zealand stock agent based in Christchurch.  Colin Monteath is great to deal with and a very talented photographer.

Ian Skipworth - Ian is talented photographer based in Auckland.  He has an excellent web site with a lot of great photos from his trips in New Zealand and overseas.

Jason Hosking - our friend Jason is a very talented photographer and keen scuba diver.

Kararu Dive Voyages - a fantastic liveaboard operating from Bali, Indonesia and running trips to some of the best locations in the Indonesian Archipalego including Komodo National Park, Alor, Bali and Irian Jaya.

Photo and Video International - The camera shop in New Zealand where we purchase much of our photography equipment (excluding housings and strobes).  They offer great prices, excellent service and give fair trade in prices.

Sea Slug Forum - Dr Bill Rudman's excellent site about Nudibranchs.  An incredible resource for anyone interested in nudibranchs.

Sipadan Water Village - A fantastic resort built over the waters of Mabul Island and providing diving access the the great "muck diving" around Mabul and Kapalai Islands as well as the spectacular diving at Sipadan Island.

Solomon Islands - We visited the Solomons Islands in 2002 and had a fantastic time.  The Solomons offers some of the best diving available but has suffered from negative publicity which has affected it as a tourist destination.  Everyone we met were wonderful and we would encourage any divers looking for unspoilt destinations to go there.

Stephen Wong and Takako Uno - We met Stephen and Takako at Oceanz in 2000, when Stephen had won Best of Show.  They are both excellent photographers and very nice people.

Tobias Bernhard - Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2001, Tobi is an extremely talented, dedicated and hardworking photographer.

Tonga Dive - Dive and whale watching operation in the Ha'apai island group in the Kingdom of Tonga.  Run by our friends Glenn and Tiana Edney.

Underwater Images Competition - an underwater photography competition that we have both been fortunate to win.  In doing so we have got to know Roger Roth.  Roger is a videographer who created a competition to offer fairer prizes for those who shoot video rather than stills.  While we shoot stills ourselves we believe both mediums deserve equal prizes and encourage all efforts to make competitions more fair.

Wade's World - Web site of New Zealand pioneer diving legends Wade and Jan Doak.  Excellent bulletin board with up to date information about what's happening at the Poor Knights

Yandina Resort - Located in the Russell Island Group of the Solomon Islands.  We had two wonderful trips here experiencing just a little of the unspoilt diving that the Solomon Islands has to offer.  The first trip was courtesy of a prize from the Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition in 2002.


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